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Friday, December 12, 2008

Time Is Running

Time is running past me and I chase it trying to catch up. There's holiday decorations to put up (have only done the outside door so far) cards to get out and have not done any holiday baking. Before doctor's diets and health taboo's there would be cookies being made. That wonderful smell lulling kids out of their rooms to snatch a fresh baked cookie cooling on the racks.
Now my head is filled with the lateness of my designs being finished and what to put on the menu for a day cares children's party. I'm going with a finger food ie appetizer theme. They'll love it. As for the designs, I work well under pressure, hmmm.
That's me sighing. Once everything is in front of me it works out great. I just tend to misplace things in between designs. I know better organization is needed. Trouble is there is always another project due before that gets done.
But it looks like an exciting year ahead and hope you enjoy what I'll be putting out there cause it's always an adventure to make it.

We're busy working.... here at home

Friday, November 28, 2008

New for 2009

This poor bear is new for2009, so new that it doesn't even have a name yet. Made of mohair, excelsior and polyfil stuffed and locknut and screw jointing it will be a limited edition. It will be at IDEX.

well back to work on that at home

Thanksgiving Is Over

Thanksgiving is over and instead of chasing down black Friday bargains , I'm in Jo'Ann fabric store chasing down buttons to finish up an order. Found them! Still thankful and full! Our day was spent with family , started with a prayer hour with church family, and ended with extended family and laughter. A great day, hope yours was too.

These bears were part of my exhibit for the Hunt valley holiday show in baltimore beginning of this month. I brought back a visitor with me from the show a bear named Digger from Australia. My cat Suess and Digger seem a bit wary of one another.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Antique Extravaganza

Well, I went to the antique extravaganza at Renninger's, Mt. Dora. One of my usual hunting grounds for pieces and inspiration in creating my bears. Only not as much luck as usual. Looks like maybe one or two new limited editions will come of this excursion. I'll take it.
Right now I'm in the creative process for my gallery piece for TBAI 2009 which is always fun. So after some errands, got to make a cake for my son's birthday today, it's back to work. have a good one.

the bears and I are at home

Monday, November 17, 2008

Alice Wonders

This photo is Story Tellers Alice Wonders, it is the first in a series of books with animals and other characters. This one was on exhibit at the Gallery at Avalon Island in Orlando as part of Beyond Ghepetto Revisited.
It will be at Crossroads Doll and Bear show and maybe IDEX if it is not sold. The piece is priced at $500. Alice is an eight inch puppet and the storyteller bear is fourteen inches made of mohair and stuffed with excelsior and polyfil.

Welcome to Raspbeary Bears At Home

Welcome to Raspbeary bears at Home
I am the artist, Darlene Allen

We're heading to the end of the year just having finished our participation in the Orlando Puppet Festival and the Hunt Valley Christmas/holiday show.
Now its time to break my neck getting ready for IDEX and the Crossroads show in San Diego in January. Have a few ideas of what I'll be making the rest is a surprise... to me! You'll be able to check back here for photos as pieces are done.

Come back, I'll be at home