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Thursday, January 29, 2009

IDEX Opens Friday

OK, today I set up for IDEX, that's the International Doll and Bear Show being held in Orlando this weekend at the Rosen Shingle Resort. I can drive because it's about an hour or so away. A show on this level means getting everything packed up this morning, like my displays, an extra table to work on etc. You really have to be on top of everything because you are in the room with the big companies not just big name artists!
I have done this show since1995, that's 12 years. Oh, my goodness! And each year I try to come up with something new to introduce to the stores. It's a challenge, but it's fun too. It keeps me creative, allows me to venture outside myself and really see what I can do. That's why I do this show. Today will be crazy with everyone coming into town and trying to get their space set up.
Then it will be run run run to keep up with the schedule, as there are seminars, girl scouts, auctions, you get the idea.
And there could be you! If you are in town come say hi, I'm at table #13, and the show is open to the public starting at noon on Saturday and on Sunday from 9:30-2pm.
But today I'm at home running around trying to make sure I have everything, me and the bears!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Ready

IDEX is next and no I'm not ready, just caught up on my newspapers. But i'm home:)

Susan Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Museum &Library

Cindy Malchoff, Penny French and I were lucky enough to be the guest artist at an open house for the Susan Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Museum & Library. We each gave a short talk for the collectors and presented for exhibit some pieces we made just for the museum.

It was a nice casual atmosphere and we were able to talk with the guests on a one to one basis where it wasn't too crowded even though it was a good turn out. That was because they also were enjoying the museum. And if you are ever in Santa Barbara, make it one of your top destinations, you won't regret it!

Crossroads Doll & Teddy Bear Show 2009

The Cross roads show had a good mix of artists, the set up was good and the reception was worth attending! There was good company, prizes and the food was good and plentiful! What more do you want?

Is this a show worth doing, yes and good luck getting in it, this show will fill up fast. And there are all kinds of places to eat and shop right around the hotel.Upscale or down you have choices. Check it out.

We went to the San Diego zoo and La Jolla Underwater Park. We had dinner in Old Towne.

Back From California

OK, so I'm back from California, had a wonderful time . Enjoyed the shows, the weather and good friends. And what did you miss? Well... Dorothy Drake of Crossroads did a great job her first time running the old Linda Mullins show (then ABC show). She publicized the show well and had a good crowd of happy collectors and yes they were buying. Were some unable to buy? Yes and still they came and I thank them for their support.

We had long standing artist like Steve Schutt, Dennis Shaw and John Port along with new artist first show,Robert Forman of Bear Hearts. So when you see him at a show be sure to make him feel welcome. You'll be seeing a lot of his work.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Joy in the new year

Some people go through their life waiting for it to begin and others sit
around waiting for the end of theirs as if somehow this amounts to the real business of actually living it. I don't wait around for the next birthday or regret the present one because I'm here. I go through my life with the joy of doing something that makes me happy, creating art pieces that you can hold and play with and just look at if you want.
Yes, we are going though difficult times and art is considered a luxury item.Some will find it beyond their reach for awhile, but this is in my heart to create and I can't give that up, you never volunteer to give up your joy.
Some will be lookers this year instead of buyers, but I hope they will get that same look of unmitable wonder and joy that I get when I look at someone's work that just speaks to me - glad to have had the opportunity to experience it.

It's January, see you at:
Crossroads Teddy Bear, Doll & Antique Toy Show & Sale - Jan. 10.11,2009
Susan Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Museum & Library - Jan.12,2009
IDEX - Jan.30-Feb.1,2009