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Monday, January 19, 2009

Back From California

OK, so I'm back from California, had a wonderful time . Enjoyed the shows, the weather and good friends. And what did you miss? Well... Dorothy Drake of Crossroads did a great job her first time running the old Linda Mullins show (then ABC show). She publicized the show well and had a good crowd of happy collectors and yes they were buying. Were some unable to buy? Yes and still they came and I thank them for their support.

We had long standing artist like Steve Schutt, Dennis Shaw and John Port along with new artist first show,Robert Forman of Bear Hearts. So when you see him at a show be sure to make him feel welcome. You'll be seeing a lot of his work.

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ginger@bearbits said...

Hey Darlene, I'm glad you had a good trip to CA! It sounds like so much fun!! I was tagged today and now I'm tagging you. This was my welcome to blogland and now it's your turn. You can see how it works here: