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Monday, February 9, 2009

Me and Viking

I was going to title this 'Bow down,bow down', a reference to 'The Princess Bride', but decided some people might think I really revered my new sewing machine, not true, close:) but not true. Well I went to buy the machine and a new owner's class had just started so there I was learning how to use the machine for free before purchase! But the one I went to purchase wasn't in stock( no it wasn't a bait and switch) so I asked about the next model up and got a great deal on it.
Read the book on it when I got home and the instructor really had covered just about everything .I can start using it right away and feel comfortable because I am already familiar with the machine.This makes me very happy. Its not an industrial model or top of the line, but it fits my needs. It will be my little workhorse that gets the job done. And that means less time threading and holding the spool of thread on and more time making the bears! That's me at home, happy to work.

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