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Monday, February 2, 2009

What Happened At IDEX 2009

Good Morning! I am back from IDEX and actually awake this morning. And I watched the game last night. So around noon will I be asleep?! OK so here's the scoop on the show. Bear artists I am a little disappointed that there were less of us present than last year. We have to be there to keep the stores that are looking to buy bears there. The cost is less than Toy Fair and normally the weather is great. And we take great care of the bear artist who attend. On Saturday a group went to Logan's Roadhouse for dinner, which was great fun for Annette Rauch's daughter because you get to throw peanut shells on the floor! That's Annette and her husband York, Marion Finhold, Sharon Lederer, me Terry and Susan Quinlan and my husband Keith. So, come to IDEX, go to dinner! Meet new artists.
So you missed being first to know who got a TOBY nomination.Like Pam Kinser for Jackson or Donna Griffin for Pansy and Rosebud, The Panda Sisters or Amelia Dana for Oracle Jones or Wanda Carson for Bennie and Judi Paul for Do You Hear What I hear? And receiving her industry award at the show was Carol Thompson of Thymeless Treasures for Minnie and Mooch.
That photo is above.

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