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Friday, March 20, 2009

Le Cirque(The Circus) Is In Town

The circus is in town, my new collection premieres at the Tropical Doll Club Study groups show tomorrow. And if you knew anything about the past week you know it's always in town at my house. There's something going on over here and wait what's happening over there?!
This is the little elephant that is so happy to say hello to you today. There are other animals, bears of course, and the rabbits are fun. There's a new lion but don't know if he will be finished on time:( but we'll see.

The bear is one of the clown bears whose clothing is part of the bears body. I forgot to note that the elephants don't have striped legs like the other animals. Come to the show if you can, and if you can't check back to see how it went.


Amanda said...

They are lovely!!!! What a great idea too.

Darlene said...

Thanks Amanda,
I'm glad you liked them! Will post bunny pictures this week.
Darlene sends hugs