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Sunday, March 8, 2009

March Blew In

March blew in like a lion with storms and here in Florida another freeze that took out my two orchids. I should explain that I have never had much luck with them, they always died in my house. but outside I had kept one alive for almost two years and the last time it bloomed there were so many flowers!
But spring always returns and above are the daylilies that survived, some about to bloom and some in all their wonderful color! They remind me of my childhood, growing up in Ohio, lilies and tulips abound in Cincinnati(an old German town was it's beginnings).
And two of the tree we planted last year that seemed more than dead are actually still alive so please let us get some rain as we are on watering restrictions again already this year. So as you can guess by now i got out of my workroom and into the yard for a brief moment this weekend. I do love gardening, putting in new annuals for spring and seeing the different plants that bloom at different times of the season. Always looks new. That's what spring is, new, changing it up, getting new ideas and trying new things. Hope something new is up for you.


Doll & Bear Show & Sale
Saturday,March 21, 2009
Tropical Doll Study Club
Lake Mirror center
121 South Lake Avenue
Lakeland, Florida

Teddies Spring Show
Saturday, March 28, 2009
Holiday Inn(formerly Day's Inn)
9615 Dereco Road
Timonium, MD
Robin Atkins/ R&C Productions

Hope to see you at the shows, meanwhile the bears and I are at home...Getting ready.


Donna Griffin said...

Sorry about the orchids. I remember my childhood in Florida and often wish I could create that backyard where ever we are. No chance.
Glad we finally have a banner that fits!

Darlene said...

Thanks Donna,
At least we get to keep the memories. And i will buy more orchids, just in case some want to stay awhile.
Hugs to you,