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Monday, March 16, 2009


I was tagged by Ginger of Bear Bits blog in January and never posted because I didn't know how to post links (still don't) but will go ahead and list six random things about me.

1. I can't swim. Took lessons at camp during the summers but only learned to jump in the water and float a little.
2.I make up silly songs as I'm working around the house and sing them out loud.
3. I never had a teddy bear as a child. Some dolls but no bears.
4.I love to pull potatoes up out of the garden, it fascinates me that they grow underground. And you never know how many you will find or how big they will be.
5. I lost my Mom when I was seven and found God when I was eight. So I wasn't alone.
6. I have moved at least fourteen times in my life and haven't moved for at least the last fourteen years.

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Donna Griffin said...

Man, oh Man Darlene! I'll have to think about this one. Fact is, Ruth Bowman tagged me a while back and I was about in the same technological position you report. I'll do my best and don't you know I was going to tag YOU!!!! once I got a minute.
Cheers! Donna

Darlene said...

Glad I beat you to it! I have got to get some better computer skills!

my best to you,Darlene