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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good Intentions

I had every intention of posting today with my new photos that I took last night, but the photos were never picked up. My husband is having a medical procedure done tomorrow and I have a show on Saturday. Needless to say between all the running around today, tying up loose ends and picking up last minute things, the photos were forgotten.
But you'll be happy to know that the Cirque Lion will make an appearance! Finally. I've been so wrapped up in getting pieces done for the show and making sure my husband doesn't have to do anything but show up tomorrow that time has just slipped by me.
The show, The Greater Orlando Doll Club's annual show, will be held at the Maitland Civic Center.(641 S. Maitland Ave.) That's 10am - 4pm on May 2nd. There will be dolls, bears, supplies and appraisals. I may look bedraggled but I will be there with a smile on my face. Come by if you can, maybe the bears will put one on yours, at least that's our intention:)

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