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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day

Well, this is the day of scramble, don't give it up till the last minute, go to pay taxes day! Ok, I did mine on Friday, my sister did hers on Monday and yesterday found a mistake and fixed it so they would go out today.
We both used to do our taxes end of January then got a little lazy and it became February. Then it was I owe money?! Then, they have to wait till the last minute. Well my friend talked me into using Turbo Tax and they did a much better job than me - I got money back. Yippee, been using it ever since. My sister still does it the old fashioned way, still owes money. Oh well, maybe I'll convince her next year. But we have made a pack to go back to doing our taxes early even if we wait to send it in, peace of mind is peace of mind.And we have so little of our minds left we need to find ways not to stress it!:)


ginger@bearbits said...

Can't avoid those taxes, can we? I'm glad you're getting money back. Our state is short on cash so they've delayed sending any refunds out. I hope you get yours quickly!

Oh and I like your new blog makeover! Very cheery and very you! Tax day will soon be yesterday and we can get back to the good stuff!

Darlene said...

hi Ginger,
Always glad to have taxes over! I like your blog makeover too. It looks so fresh and happy, a pattern I would have chosen too. It convinced me to go ahead and change mine.It's funny because I thought it was too dark before and now I chose black. But somehow it works.

Ahh, back to work:-)