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Monday, May 4, 2009

Greater Orlando Doll Club Show Review 2009

These are one of a kind wood imps by Deb Bigness on the left and the pig and dog on the right are done by her husband Roy. All are needle felted. Very original I thought.
Just below is a view out the window of one of three trains that passed by on Saturday during the show. I love trains so it was wonderful to have that view. It was a very good show with lots of people through. Yes, they were buying, just considering their purchases carefully. As we all should.

This is a side shot of my table, the grey bears are sort of disappearing into the background but
I had fun making it look like the one bear wanted to get up higher with the others:)

The club gives you coffee and doughnut when you set up which is nice, and they check on you during the show. Everyone in the club had on a pink t shirt so they were easy to spot. And yes, I'd do the show again!

The Le Cirque elephants found homes and a new duck didn't last two minutes on the table so there are no pictures:( Well I'll know better for next time and more are on the way.

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La said...

Don't we all want to move up to the big kids table?