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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Looky What I Found!

Now you know I didn't go to a doll show and not look for things to use with my bears!
This lovely bed actually folds up, and that great print is on both ends of the bed.

A Red theme here it seems. Found this old edition of The Little Brown Bear by Johnny Gruelle and those red shoes are going to have to go on an really large bear, for me anyway.

And these are a peek at a couple of the doll dresses and aprons that I picked up. You'll see them all put together soon in some character pieces. What fun.


Lisa said...

HI! Mom says the little red and white dot dress will look great on a pig! I'm thinking elephant so we'll be excited to see what happens! Love all your goodies!

Hugs, Lisa

Darlene said...

Hi Lisa,
It will be a pig or elephant so you'll have to wait and see who fits the dress!
Hugs to you and Mom,

Lisa said...

Oh goody!!! I'm still rooting for an elephant!
Hugs, Lisa