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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New in The Workroom

Well, here they are, some of what I've been working on. The pink elephant is Cymbella, and she wears a faded old pink dress and a cross grain ribbon tied neatly into a bow on her head. She is the only elephant ,so far, to have striped legs.
The male elephant hasn't been named yet but his outfit is flannel with the same cross grain ribbon trim and true to the regular elephants doesn't have striped legs. He is gray with tan undertones.

The Blue Bunny, is a special order from my daughter who after seeing the blue bear insisted on having a blue bunny, so here it is
dear. Hope you like it!

So it's back to the workroom for some other pieces that are asking why they aren't finished yet and how did the other ones get to be finished first. That's why I only work on three at a time and keep the others in my bag where they can't see everything!


Lisa said...

I love her she is so pretty!
hugs, Lisa

La said...

Don't get too attached to Cymbella... I'm buying her, too!!!!

Darlene's Daughter
MY BLUE BUNNY!!!! & Cymbella

Darlene said...

Hi Lisa,
So glad you like her, me too!

Hi LA,
May be I want to keep her,I wanted to keep the white rabbit but he found a new home:(
Oh well, they're with you a short time then off they go to a new nest. he he he :)

La said...

"Blu" Blue Bunny will be here in a week... oh, and so will you! Yea! I wish I got a sneak peak at this stuff so that I didn't have to wait like the common people! There are no advantages to being related!