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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nashville, Then Florida

So, wedding over, we left on Sunday to head for Nashville, where we visited a good friend, Georgene Palka,( bear artist under name of George's Jungle), and her family. Then because the turnaround drive is so tight decide to spend the night in town. My daughter is a dyed in the wool country fan so since she's driving you know this was a no brainer. We stayed at a wonderful hotel, the Millennium Hotel and Resort. Their chef was a vegetarian which meant the breakfast buffet was set up where vegan and vegetarian guests could be confidant eating there knowing there food didn't contain items they didn't eat.
everyone could be happy and the food was great!
Of course the hotel had these great country momentoes around the hotel. We even got to witness a country singer newbie hawking his cd to a couple music execs at breakfast. Apparantly he had performed the night before. Hope he makes it.
Then it was back on the road to Atlanta. We were tired. We rested on Tuesday and then it was back on the road to Florida. That is an eight hour trip. Daughter drove again, I'm beginning to think my daughter doesn't trust me with her car. She did let me drive her in my car when we got to Florida. Hehe, she just loves her car that much, it's a toyota yaris hatchback. If you are in the market it does drive well and the gas mileage is great. Once home we went to a new vegan restaurant in Orlando, Ethos and the food is so good, yes that's me the meat eater speaking! Ahh, good food. And we shopped and did silly mother, daughter things. I had a great time. It will have to hold me till our next visit. It's just the guys and me at home and somethings, mothers and daughters just get. I'm back!

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