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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Trip Continues

Hello, these photos were entered backwards so forgive me. The one with the arch is my daughter and I arriving in St. Louis, Missouri last night. The rocky road is us driving down the highway in Tennessee, after getting an earlier than expected start out of Atlanta(her class got out early).
It was a pretty good trip, not too much construction, about one hour of one lane driving as they laid asphalt in the other lane.
The next photos are of Atlantic Station where we had lunch with my niece, Carma, on Wednesday. They are my girls, though they are grown women.
I'm enjoying spending time with my daughter, she is quick with her wit, smart and silly! And we have fun. Well, today is her best friend's wedding so I'd better get dressed. Are you having a fun Saturday? I hope so.


Lisa said...

Oh Darlene there is NO WAY you are old enough for you daughters friends to be getting married!! I don't care what you say I don't believe it!!
Have a great trip!
Hugs, Lisa

La said...

Her daughter is almost 30! That should tell you something about how old she is!

Donna Griffin said...

Darlene! Have a wonderful trip! I so enjoy your blog activities and I'm sending an award your way. You can check it out at my blog where I've put a link to yours for all to see! Safe travels and see you soon! Love and hugs, Donna

Darlene said...

hi Lisa, I am older than I look.Thank God it's not the other way around!

LA, tell everybody! he he

Thanks Donna,
you are so sweet! See you soon!

hugs and joy to all,Darlene