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Monday, June 8, 2009


The Newell, Newton wedding was held on a beautiful Saturday. That's the newly wed couple greeting everyone after leaving the church. Then there's Jenn greeting my daughter LA. That's the wedding cake, no it wasn't on it's side but this photo sure is! The next photo is of me and my daughter.
And that's the bride, Jenn, and LA. They have been friends since they were ten and both our families were stationed in Hawaii.

There was joy at this wedding , not the out of duty, got to attend,but real joy,fun and glad to be family joy. A little girl was pushing a women in a wheelchair around on the dance floor as she danced in the chair. No one was left out, everyone was welcome and the bride made the time to visit with everyone who attended as if they were the only one that attended.
Lovely bride, lovely family, good friends always.

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