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Friday, July 31, 2009

Craft Show

Just attended the CHA craft show and convention being held in Orlando today and tomorrow.
There were all kinds of make it and take it events and v endors from all over.
Managed to find some wonderful things to enhance the bears and make them happy.
I'll get to that in a minute.
The quilt's are designed by Elisa Wilson who was selling templates. you can check out her site at

Ye Olde Outhouse had some wonderful country offerings. Owner, Beatriz E. Kunkle would be happy to have you visit at

This is one of the vendors that you might one to visit to add a vintage twist, I bought some nice cardstock with vintage childhood illustrations. They offer Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc, along with fairy and whimsy pieces.

It was hard to decide what to get, but I'll be back! If you want to see it's

Didn't get a photo because I was too busy buying but Bello Modo had wonderful jewelry findings, charms and all that good stuff, look it up at

Well, since you didn't get to go hope that gives you a couple more sources to use for your projects. Or maybe you'll just have fun window shopping. I always do!

Back to work.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lightning Strikes

I got shocked by lightning yesterday. It was my own fault. I was walking back to my car in what I thought was a slow down of a summer storm and lightning nipped my umbrella, gave my hand a shock and jolted my heart a beat. Didn't need the umbrella had a hat on so my hair woudn't get wet so it was stupid but just wanted to get home.
I got an e-mail today Judy Mallar died early Saturday morning,a bear person, a good person whose friends and family will miss her. There are all kinds of lightning strikes, things that happen when you least expect it and you don't know how to react, you just do what you think is best. Here is to doing the best you can with the lightning strikes in your life, and surviving them. Bye Judy and God bless.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


When I get up in the morning, I take a pill, do my exercises,take my blood pressure ,clean the cat's litter and then feed the cat. Then I do whatever the day call for, whatever is on the schedule. But if you interrupt that routine, something gets left out and I get all confused about what did I do or didn't get done.

Well add to the mix a husband who is on vacation and you don't know if you are coming or going. Now my husband works all the time,so we keep Saturdays just for us, but his job has changed and now he gets part of July and August off again. For him that means sleeping late watching, shows that have me feeling my intelligence drop by the minute, but I try to keep him company. I enjoy him, just not his routines! So I haven't posted as the day just escapes from me as I keep him company running around instead getting work done. Does he realize that I am not on vacation, no probably not. He just knows I can make my own schedule. But I do have a schedule! Nobody believes self employed people really work.

He is going to visit our daughter tomorrow for a few days, they are both on vacation. Think I'll try to get back into my routine before he gets back and get some work done. Boy, I'm going to miss him when he goes back to work. Catch 22:)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence,Freedom and Dreams

Many years ago, a group of men got together and decided what being independent meant. It involved the right to make choices on your own behalf as long as it didn't interfere with the right of others to make those same choices.
Freedom to live in peace, freedom just to live, and many fought and died for that freedom.
We dream that our lives will matter, that our families will not only survive but succeed and flourish. And today , for many of us, that brings us back to some very basic things.
So today let's include some very basic things for all of us:
You have the right to be treated with respect, and the duty to treat others the same.
You have the right to achieve great things but not the entitlement to be treated greatly just because you are you.
You have the right to disagree but not to be insufferably disagreeable.
We all have the right to take the time to be more mannerly towards each other, kinder and to insure we don't trample on anothers rights while trying to claim our own.
America dreams that each of us will be accepted with our differences because beneath them we are very much alike. We want to be fed, clothed, have a place to rest our heads, a place to work, a place to educate our children, health care we can afford and to be cared for by someone in our lives.
Let's start with these new rights. Happy fourth every body. Here let me hold that door for you. My pleasure.