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Monday, July 27, 2009

Lightning Strikes

I got shocked by lightning yesterday. It was my own fault. I was walking back to my car in what I thought was a slow down of a summer storm and lightning nipped my umbrella, gave my hand a shock and jolted my heart a beat. Didn't need the umbrella had a hat on so my hair woudn't get wet so it was stupid but just wanted to get home.
I got an e-mail today Judy Mallar died early Saturday morning,a bear person, a good person whose friends and family will miss her. There are all kinds of lightning strikes, things that happen when you least expect it and you don't know how to react, you just do what you think is best. Here is to doing the best you can with the lightning strikes in your life, and surviving them. Bye Judy and God bless.


Lisa said...

Sorry about the lighting!!
We are still in shock here about Judy!
Hugs, Lisa

Donna Griffin said...

God bless Judy and you too, my dear. Stay safe and see you soon. Love and hugs, Donna