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Monday, August 24, 2009

Back To Routine

This guy is one of the new tall lanky bears of the Le Cirque series. I am actually working on my auction piece for the Teddy Bear Reunion 2010 to be held in June.

Since I have been back, I have completed the designs and printed and cut out all the pieces. Now to the construction and clothing of said pieces.

Plus my designs for next year aren't even done, time is beating me to the finish line folks! And I've one more show this year "Hunt Valley" November!, 2009. And you should hear what a group of us will be dressed as this year!

I've got to get back to work. And yes it's raining again:)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Final TBAI Photos 2009

Binghamton, NY is a very old town where the TBAI show is held and I try to let you see some of it. This shop is on Clinton street #284 and is called the " Mad Hatter".

It is owned by JoAnn Scott. It has three floors of nooks and crannies all artfully displaying things of bygone days. That would be great antiques folks! The one problem I have is that a lot of the great pieces I want won't fit in my suitcase and you know how the airlines are, only two carry-ons!

But do stop in when you are there and might I suggest driving a big truck?!

And last, part of my set-up at the show.

Now truly, get ready for next year it's going to be a blast.

This year was TOBY awards, John Lamb signed copies of his new book, "The Treacherous Teddy" just out and it mentions yours truly along withPam Kisner,Martha Burch, Donna Nielsen,Pat Berkowich and Ginger Brame.

So much excitement. A big thank you to artist Cindy Malchoff who organizes this every year on behalf of the show's founder, the late artist Millie Gage.

More Photos TBAI 2009

"God Bless America",was by Sharon Barron and it placed 3rd in over 12"at the awards.

Artist Donna Griffin and I went to lunch at the "Lost Dog" and shared desserts. She got the Cheesecake in this wonderful pastry with three dipping sauces, chocolate, strawberry and caramel.

I had the blackberry sorbet and it was oooh, just can't tell you how good it was!

And this is just a sample of the appetizer's at the reception on Thursday evening.

Trust me, you eat well at this show!

And this was part of the stage decorations for the show, the brainchild of artist Penny French whose gallery piece, "Winter Wonderland" placed third in vignette category.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Ok, so here are the photos my computer wouldn't let me upload earlier.

"The Yellow Submarine" by Donna Griffin won 1st prize in vignette and "The Candy Man" by Michelle Lamb won 1st prize in over 12".

"Beary Manilow"
the auction bear, by Armella Dana went for$1500. " Alice" is another piece by Armella, a limited edition of 5. Check out her website at

Let her know how you like her bears.

These wonderful pigs are the work of Mary J. Kolar of Pochung Mountain Bears and she says you can call her at 973-875-8301. Let her know you saw her pigs here (that's her request).

More photos to come soon. Need more sleep.

TBAI 2009 Review

TBAI 2009 has come to an end and a great time was had by all! I am exhausted. Too much laughter and fun. What you haven't been to this show yet? Wow, you missed so much! Well, let's get started. There was a reception on Thursday and three of the news stations covered that. They showed collector's viewing the artist's work and enjoying themselves. The stage with the display of this year's theme, "Name That Song" was well received.

Then Friday was seminars,games, carousel rides, the Gallery exhibit and a five course dinner. You should have been there, we missed you.
Of course Saturday was the sales day open to the public and then the picnic at the Ross Park Zoo.
Next year's show is August 12-14,2010. The theme is Children's Classics in Literature and Film, make your plans to attend now.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

TBAI and Workroom News

TBAI is Thursday August 13 - Saturday August15, 2009. That is why this is my first post for this month, I've been busy getting ready for the show.

This guy is a new addition to the LeCirque
bears, the Tall Man. Not quite finished as his shirt has no buttons and there is a fun tie he wears. He's rather lean and lanky.

Here he is with a friend and here he is with that friend watching him be made, guess he wanted to make sure I got it right!

There will be others in the plaid outfits of different colors. Some with baggy clown pants and ruffled collars. So stay tuned, more photos to come.

My gallery piece for TBAI. Heat Wave, Where's the Ice?!

Well , I'm packed but the bears aren't so back to work and I'll catch up with you later.