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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Final TBAI Photos 2009

Binghamton, NY is a very old town where the TBAI show is held and I try to let you see some of it. This shop is on Clinton street #284 and is called the " Mad Hatter".

It is owned by JoAnn Scott. It has three floors of nooks and crannies all artfully displaying things of bygone days. That would be great antiques folks! The one problem I have is that a lot of the great pieces I want won't fit in my suitcase and you know how the airlines are, only two carry-ons!

But do stop in when you are there and might I suggest driving a big truck?!

And last, part of my set-up at the show.

Now truly, get ready for next year it's going to be a blast.

This year was TOBY awards, John Lamb signed copies of his new book, "The Treacherous Teddy" just out and it mentions yours truly along withPam Kisner,Martha Burch, Donna Nielsen,Pat Berkowich and Ginger Brame.

So much excitement. A big thank you to artist Cindy Malchoff who organizes this every year on behalf of the show's founder, the late artist Millie Gage.


Lisa said...

Mom will be thrilled to hear John's new book is out and you are in it!!!! Wow a true STAR!!
Hugs, Lisa

Darlene said...

Hi Lisa,
Finished reading the book, it's great! And hadn't got to the part where he mentions artists Mary Ann Wills and Donna Griffin when I posted, sorry ladies!

It only mentions my name but I'm happy. Ginger gets a few lines, it's wonderful!