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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Auction Piece for Teddy Reunion in the Heartland

Well, this is what has been keeping me busy.This is my auction piece for Teddy Reunion in the Heartland 2010 to be held in Clarion, Iowa in June 2010.

This is Remember Me... I Remember You.

It's a Sailor Angel watching over a loved one as she feeds the birds.

There's a close up of each. He wears a National Defense medal.

She wears a replica of an apron from the thirties or forties.

His uniform represents a soldier who has not yet achieved rank in honor of all the young men who have been lost in war. He represents our young women too. I chose a sailor in honor of my husband who served his country for 23 years. He looked so handsome in his white uniform, and he loved wearing this one best even over his chief uniform though he loved being a chief.

We haven't forgot the loved ones we lost... we remember.

This show is only held once every five years and I am happy to be attending again. The whole town welcomes you with open hearts and even homes. They put the artist and collectors up in their homes.

The town feeds you and the artists get to ride in the parade, how cool is that! All the auction pieces will be on their website soon. I'll post that info at a later date.

I better start thinking what my spectacular piece will be for the show. Ahh, back to work. Now, do I remember what sleep was like?!


La said...

Very groovy piece & post

Lisa said...

Lovely! You did a spectacular job!
Hugs, Lisa

Darlene said...

Thanks LA, thanks Lisa,
I really appreciate your comments and your support so much.This piece is special to me.

Donna Griffin said...

Brilliant piece, my dear! I know you'll have fun at that show. I hope I'll see you again before then.

Darlene said...

Thank you Donna,
It means so much to me. Hope you got my e-mail thanking you for the beautiful pictures you sent me. hope to see you soon too.