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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am still working on my pieces for the Hunt Valley Show being held in Maryland on November 1st. But it's been a little hard as my cat, my furry friend of thirteen years in the space of hours became very ill on Monday. In our years the vet says she is 68 years old. I am waiting on blood tests and in the meantime she can barely walk and can't lift her body into the litter box but somehow managed to get up onto the dining chair! I love that cat! Anyway here's two of the cat jewelry pins. I made a black one and a calico. It gave me some peace to make them.

-- Posted while out and about


Kelly said...

Awww Darlene, I am so sorry...I hope your baby gets better. I love my cats so, but I lost one a couple years ago that was 16 and she was so special. I still miss her and her ashes sit on my desk. (If that makes me the crazy cat lady, that's ok!)

The hardest part of having pets is when they get old and we eventually lose them.

Big hugs for you both! Kelly

Darlene said...

Thanks Kelly,
She had a sister named Pooh who died a couple years ago after she got bit by a spider and they were very close,hunted bugs together like raptors, and huddled together during thunderstorms.
She's trying, so I hope for the best.

Hugs to you too,
from another crazy cat lady