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Monday, October 26, 2009

CF VegFest 2010 Review

That would be me on the left scurrying to the Central Florida veg Fest this Saturday, along with my husband(whose feet you don't see).We obviously weren't hurrying because an elderly couple overtook and passed us as we were going to slow for them! How embarrassing!
The next photo is of Loch Haven where it was held and it was a beautiful day.
There were plenty of vendors and sponsors and the usual you would expect like PETA, Animal Activists.vegetarian restaurants etc. Along with music, speakers and demonstrations. And if you are not vegetarian or vegan, like me, you may wonder why go. I didn't feel like I was beat over the head to change my mind and because children were there too , I didn't see a lot of the horror pictures that just turn me off to the cause. I like education better. The opportunity to try thinggs out and figure out what's best for me on my own.

So my husband and I tried the vegan cheese which was very good, but I can't have because it has soy protein. People with thyroid problems should avoid soy protein as it interferes with the meds you take. But this Sheese was very good.
We also tried organic maqui superberry an antioxidant that you take a teaspoon of everyday.

There was a farm co-op that had way too many people around it to get to the table. Good for them bad for me.

Personal chefs gave a cooking demonstration on how to make Mushroom Ceviche. Did you know that if you leave anything in lemon or lime juice the acidity will break it down, essentially cooking it! Picking up tidbits all the time.
The restaurants had wonderful food, Pizza Fusion had pizza of course and the biggest brownies, while Dandelion tea had a green ginger tea that was wonderful( I'll be visiting soon!).

Had fun and would go again next year.

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