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Friday, October 16, 2009

Gallery Opening Reception

"No Strings Attached" presented by IBEX Puppetry had its gallery opening Thursday evening as part of the 5th annual Orlando Puppet Festival. Would you care to tag along?

These are some of the works that were presented and I was lucky enough to be one of the artist included.

Helaine Schneider did the two tree works,"Tree Cremation Urn" and "Feet Planted, Eyes to the Sky".

The party scene above is by Marsian and is titled "Growing Up Linda". The party girl is in red.

On the left is David Stephens "Robber" and "Rabbits".

Both of these pieces are in Heather Henson private collection. "Goat" by Scott Radke and "Johnny Crows Garden" by Darlene Allen(okay that's me:)

That's "Marley and Scrooge" on the left, and
"Bro' Rabbit Friends and Foes", the other two pieces I exhibited.

There was a wonderful turnout and of course much more to see but I did not get pictures of it all.

Had the opportunity to overhear two gentlemen discussing my work
just enough to know they were talking about it, but not to clearly hear. As any artist knows we work in a vacuum and so when we get out of our workrooms we feed on that energy from our collectors to keep us inspired and creating. Needless to say as I told my husband "i'm dying here". "What do you want?"
"To know what they are saying!"
And when I wouldn't ask, HE did! He told them, this is my wife the artist and she is shy...

And they came over and explained they like the work and how it featured human characteristics in animal form. ie similar to the new film Mr. Fox that will be coming out. They got it! So cool. Thanks dear, I am still so embaressed. Yes I am shy, just don't tell anybody okay?


ginger@bearbits said...

Hey dear Darlene!!! I would have loved to go and visit this gallery opening. You can bet that I would have gladly been your eyes and ears so you could find out what wonderful things people were saying about your work. You know the comments would be wonderful of course, it is just that I could repeat them for you! Good for your hubby. Mine would do the same thing. Thankfully, we are very lucky girls to have them. Can't wait to catch up in Maryland. See you soon, friend!

Darlene said...

Hi Ginger!
He was wonderful to do that cause I never would.
Loved your Halloween Blog Party post, it was just great!
See you in Maryland!