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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Catch Up

Thanks to Nancy of Dog Patch Critters who let me know that cats do not tolerate onion well and when feeding my cat baby food to make sure this is not one of the ingredients. I stick to the stage one chicken, or turkey and the pate chicken cat food. She seems to be tolerating it well.

I also didn't get to wish our veteran's well yesterday and would like to do so now. Thank you to all who serve, have served and have given us our liberty, I salute you.

Next year marks my25th year making bears, having started in 1985. So I am trying to decide what my Anniversary piece will be and how many pieces to make. How to celebrate? A give away maybe? I see planning and plotting in my future!

So, it's back to the drawing board. Renninger's Extravaganza is next week in Mt. Dora, Fl., should be able to find some goodies to help create a nice character. Hmmm, see you later.


Nancy D said...

Tell me about Renninger's Extravaganza, I have never heard of it. I would love to get over to Mt Dora sometime as I have never been.

Darlene said...

Hi Nancy,
Four times a year,Renninger's in Mt.Dora has an antique Extravaganza held for three days, Friday - Sunday.The one in November will be next week, the20th - the22nd.
It costs $10 on Friday and Saturday, $5 on Sunday or $15 for the weekend.
Dealers across the country come,set up and sell wonderful things.
Wear comfortable shoes there are slight hills and it is a big place. and carry a light jacket it's cooler as there are big trees there too.
Bring water and food or purchase it there. Hope you get to come.
Hugs and joy, Darlene