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Monday, November 23, 2009


I didn't start out to have a cluttered life. That's because I really didn't own anything and I wasn't a knick knack person, just the basic things. Then circumstances changed and I began to hold on to things until I recently realized it didn't hold the people I was missing any closer.
So my mission to declutter my spaces began again and again. This weekend it was forced upon me in the form of an opportunity and I managed to do
a presentable job of three areas in two days. Life again forcing me to be the person I really want to be. So have a peek at my workroom :)

The two bears are the first I ever made.

This bookshelf holds antique children's books.

This corner is where shelving and desk are, the area is covered with ribbons ,books, papers, and art supplies so I usually sit on the couch and work.
Just a peek at my work space.


Lisa said...

I think it's great you like looking at your space! I have changed my space and LOVE IT! Clutter and all! It's getting worse as I add in Christmas! I like your clutter!!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hugs, Lisa

Darlene said...

Hi Lisa,
Glad you like your space too and I know what you mean about Christmas adding to the clutter! Happy Thanksgiving!

Hugs and joy,Darlene