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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hunt Valley Review 2009

Saturday night was the Golden Teddy Awards Dessert Reception. Donna Griffin won two awards one for Mimi, undressed, 5inches and under; and one for Maude /accessorized,5inches and under.
We called and surprised her with the news.
StephanieTiongo was there to accept her win for Mommy I'm Stuck Kitten. Kelly Dean won for tableaux for Polar Pals, Guenter Dufeu won for Rex, Karen De Lorenzo won forDaydreamer and Vicky Lougher won for Lil Pudge. This years Teddy Society's Ambassador winner was Cindy Malchoff, rcognized for her work as an artist, promoter and the person who kept the continuity of the TBAI show, and promoter of the teddy bear industry as a whole.
That's her in the top photo and as a snowgirl for the show!
Above is Bev White's Nativity scene.

There I am in costume.
The bear Guys are in penguin form in last photo.

The show was a lot of fun as you can see and we got new info. Joe Jones,Dolls and Teddy Review, announced the new Expo show will be held October 1,2,3 of 2010 in Winton Salem, NC.

There is lots planned, check their website.

added note: sorry for the late post, internet was down asgain.
and on a good note my kitty is eating, thanks to a collector friend, Andrea, who is also a vet who told me to feed her baby food. It's working, she is eating after a week of not eating. My vet didn't tell me that, very disappointing.

Off to another show tommorrow, so back to work.

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