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Monday, December 21, 2009

Sad Note

Our cat, Suess, passed away yesterday . Though I am sad, she was just struggling to be here and I am glad she doesn't have to anymore.
She kept me company through three surgeries two years ago. She would talk on the phone with my daughter and would run to the door when my son's car hit the drive. And she could tell the difference between his car, my husbands and mine!
She was a good and steady companion and friend to our family. We love her and will miss her.



Heather said...

Ohh :( I am so sorry... but yeah, it's even worse to see them struggling and in pain.

One more sad note for 2009 :(

Let this year be over!

Lisa said...

I am glad that your sweet Seuss has gone on to a better place. I know you and your family will miss her. It is hard to lose such a loyal companion.
Hugs and prayers, Lisa

La said...
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La said...

You forgot "and my husband kind of liked her." It says a lot about how amazing she was!

Darlene said...

Thank you Heather and Lisa,
I'm having a hard time putting her things away but am at peace.

And yes La, she even won over Keith!

Hugs to you all,Darlene