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Saturday, December 12, 2009


Happy Hannukah to those celebrating that miracle of oil lasting those many years ago. We may have different religions but especially at this time of year it is my wish that we find the time to be a little more kind than we have to be, a little more tolerant than we thought we could be, and a liitle more loving than we knew we had the heart and mind to be.
My wish is we will be this generous throughout the coming year.
That's my door with my wreath. I hope it makes you smile.


Papillon Bleu said...

I saw your lovely comment on Kelly's blog. Thank you!

Kelly said...

Happy Hannukah Darlene! I hope this season finds you happy, healthy, wealthy (in many more ways than money) and wise!

Hugs, Kelly

Darlene said...

Hope you both are enjoying the holidays.
You're welcome Pappilon Bleu, merci beaucoup et tu mon ami. Hope I remembered that right!