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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Did You Guess?

Did you guess whose striped legs were shown?

They belong to Alice, who belongs to the one of a kind set

Alice Keeps Following Me!

It has been a long show and I will review it shortly, but last night after a long day I opened my mail to find this

a card from some of my collector and artist friends from North Carolina who were kind enough to send me well wishes while they were gathered for a bear event. I thank them all for the love they showed me, it warmed my heart and misted my eyes. It was such a welcoming thing to come home to.

What did you miss at IDEX? My review in my next post. The bears and I have to get some rest.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Almost Ready For IDEX

Well it's after one in the morning, show set up is tomorrow and I still have one piece to finish making and one to dress yet. But the brochures are made and so is my sign.

For those who don't know this is an international doll and bear wholesale show where you can do a show special limited edition that you can sell to the public. It's the first show of the year that artist can introduce their new lines to the stores and public.

There will only be four bear artists showing this year and that makes me very sad. It hurts the bear industry when we aren't represented.

I'll let you know how it goes. The show runs from Friday through Sunday, wholsale buyers only on Friday. Saturday and Sunday are open to the public and stores. If you are in Orlando or close by, come on down to the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel on Universal Blvd. and see the show.

Now who do these feet belong to? It's one of my pieces for the show. Care to guess?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Crossroads2010 Review Part 2

Bears on artist Denis Shaw's table

Cindy Malchoff's award winning bird to the left at her table.

The reception offered good food and happy TOBY winners enjoying their industry awards. You'll get to vote for the people choice winners soon!

Sunday after the show we went to Old Town and ate at Casa De Reyes outside. We were entertained see below.

It was a good show. Ian Pout of Teddy Bears of Witney was there, John Port,Dee Hochkenberry were also there. The displays were great, sorry you missed it. Maybe next year?

Crossroads Teddy&Doll Show Review 2010

Sorry to take so long to get this review published but I have had classes and am making pieces for the IDEX show next week. So here goes.
The show was well attended on Saturday and people trickeled in after church services on Sunday. So what did you miss? Let me show you!

This was my table at the show.

Katherine Hallam, a TOBY winner later that evening at her table.

Two of Robert Forman's bears, anothervaward winner.

Jeanette Warner of Nettee Bears table.

The two above photos show the work of Susan Arnot of Under the Apple Tree. Her e-mail is
Some of the collectors were upset they couldn't buy like they used to but they still bought something! Part 2 coming up.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

San Diego Wild Animal Park Part 2

The male big horned goat chased this female goat continuously, she may have been in heat but she wasn't interested! The elephants ran to the gate as soon as they heard the attendants because they knew there were peanuts. They call them in so they can put out alfalfa pellets and food, as they don't physically interact with the elephants.

This is an Okapi, it looks like a mix of several animals.

Some of our group of artists walking though a treed canopy.

Hope you enjoyed a little visit at the park, now go for yourself if you get the chance. And if you don't go for all that walking, take the tram, it's informative and you get to ride while you enjoy the animals in some great natural settings.

San Diego Wild Animal Park

We got to San Diego a day earlier than the show started so we could visit the wild animal park. These are some photos of the animals and of the scenery.

The birds were all busy sitting on their nests while the male birds fed them, although we didn't see the pelicans mate. And of course the waterfall was just nice after the frost I left in Florida!
More in next post, all the photos wouldn't upload.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

TOBY Industry Choice winners

Here are some of the winners at the Crossroads Teddy and Doll Show:

Katherine Hallam of Katie Rae Bears for Giddy Up

Cindy Malchoff ofMy Apple Tree for Gosling

Robert Forman ofBear Hearts for Lily

Carol Thpson of Thymeless Treasures for Guardians of the Flock and for James

Group shot of winners present

Now I won't list every one by company and piece here the winners are:
Miniature are: Michelle Lamb
Byunghwa Ahn
Erika Knirsch
Kumiko& Masaru Nakano
Katherine Hallam
Small artist are: Tami Lahey
Denise Purrington
Ron & Kristy Northman
Robert Forman
Jenny Johson
Small artist undressed are:
Denise Purrington
Linda Joan Chiasson
Ina Smirnova
Annei Leung
Cindy Cherry
Large artist dressed are:
Michelle Lamb
Lori Simon
Harumi Kajihara
Karen Brady Hammontree
Kim Russel
Large artist undressed are:
Britta Helberg
Linda Joan Chiasson
Karin De Lorenzo
Helen Gleason
Lori Simon
Set or vignette are: Karen Lyons
Petra Schope
Aiko Kawamoto
Carol Thompson
Britta Helberg
Small artist friends are:
Jutta Michels
Silvia Gilles
Shelly Allison
Krista griffiths
Cindy Malchoff
Large artist friends are:
Michelle Lamb
Gordon& Peggy Hayes
Karen Lyons
Karin De Lorenzo
Krista Griffiths
Artist nontraditional material are:
Kelly Graham
Glenda Rolle
Gordon& Peggy Hayes
Sue Peterson
Carol Thompson
These are all your artist winners! Congratulations!
there wil be a show review later. That's all for now.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

On my way

So I am sitting at the airport waiting for the second leg of my flight to San Diego for my first show of the year .
It is at times like this that I miss being able to work on bears as I wait. But the good thing is now I don't work on bears as I wait so I am more rested right? Except after packing everything I only got three hours sleep. Let's just say things got a little disorganized. And the way the weather has been this Florida resident didn't know what to pack!
But it should be a good show and I get to play with other artists. Will keep you posted. It's the Crossroads Teddy and Doll Show. we'll find out who the TOBY nominees are on Saturday. Well another forty minutes of this two hour layover and I am out of here. Have a good one.

From the bears and me:0)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Sorry not to have posted but I have been working on that Alice pop up for days. Had to change some things to make it work.
Then it was the bear to go with it. I wanted it to be slumpy, old looking. So let me know what you think. There will be ten, one for each show I'm doing this year.

Old looking bear

With book

Alice page

Bear discovers Alice.

Well that's my anniversary piece. Now I have to get packed, oh I mean get some sleep then get packed. That's it! Night.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Shows and schedule info

First Happy Birthday to my daughter! Hope you have a great year full of blessings. I already sent her a card, gift and a text but I'm a mom, what can i say:0)

If you look to my side bar you will see my show schedule for this year. As the events come up I will post more information. If you are interested in a show just e-mail me, my e-mail is listed in the info on me on the side bar.

So this month I have two shows, the first is the Crossroads Teddy, Doll and Antique Toy Show and Sale that will be held in San Diego the 16,17th, that's a Saturday and Sunday. Do try to attend if you will be in the area, I will have a Alice pop-up at each show this year to celebrate my 25 years making bears. There will be a preview picture soon.

Also this month is the IDEX show, that's the international doll and bear show that precedes Toy Fair, and your first introduction to the artists new work for the year. I will be presenting my new Le Cirque piece, a giraffe. There is a new white owl and a felt muzzle open-mouth bear that will be introduced. So come to that too if you can, the show is open to all on Saturday and Sunday. Show specials will be available those days and I will be doing a show special.

I hope to post photos very soon. Until then it's back to work cause I am way behind.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Heather Guessed It!

Heather got it right, it's my new giraffe and you get a sneak peek.

The back view-thehairs up the neck.

Front view-big ears,hand painted spots,detailing artist done

Has striped legs, wears collar of old netting from a 1920's dress.

This giraffe will be introduced at Idex at the end of the month. I will try to list my show schedule for the year soon. Crossroads doll and bear show in San Diego is in two weeks, details soon.
I have to get to work! Bye for now!