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Friday, January 22, 2010

Crossroads Teddy&Doll Show Review 2010

Sorry to take so long to get this review published but I have had classes and am making pieces for the IDEX show next week. So here goes.
The show was well attended on Saturday and people trickeled in after church services on Sunday. So what did you miss? Let me show you!

This was my table at the show.

Katherine Hallam, a TOBY winner later that evening at her table.

Two of Robert Forman's bears, anothervaward winner.

Jeanette Warner of Nettee Bears table.

The two above photos show the work of Susan Arnot of Under the Apple Tree. Her e-mail is
Some of the collectors were upset they couldn't buy like they used to but they still bought something! Part 2 coming up.

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