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Saturday, January 16, 2010

TOBY Industry Choice winners

Here are some of the winners at the Crossroads Teddy and Doll Show:

Katherine Hallam of Katie Rae Bears for Giddy Up

Cindy Malchoff ofMy Apple Tree for Gosling

Robert Forman ofBear Hearts for Lily

Carol Thpson of Thymeless Treasures for Guardians of the Flock and for James

Group shot of winners present

Now I won't list every one by company and piece here the winners are:
Miniature are: Michelle Lamb
Byunghwa Ahn
Erika Knirsch
Kumiko& Masaru Nakano
Katherine Hallam
Small artist are: Tami Lahey
Denise Purrington
Ron & Kristy Northman
Robert Forman
Jenny Johson
Small artist undressed are:
Denise Purrington
Linda Joan Chiasson
Ina Smirnova
Annei Leung
Cindy Cherry
Large artist dressed are:
Michelle Lamb
Lori Simon
Harumi Kajihara
Karen Brady Hammontree
Kim Russel
Large artist undressed are:
Britta Helberg
Linda Joan Chiasson
Karin De Lorenzo
Helen Gleason
Lori Simon
Set or vignette are: Karen Lyons
Petra Schope
Aiko Kawamoto
Carol Thompson
Britta Helberg
Small artist friends are:
Jutta Michels
Silvia Gilles
Shelly Allison
Krista griffiths
Cindy Malchoff
Large artist friends are:
Michelle Lamb
Gordon& Peggy Hayes
Karen Lyons
Karin De Lorenzo
Krista Griffiths
Artist nontraditional material are:
Kelly Graham
Glenda Rolle
Gordon& Peggy Hayes
Sue Peterson
Carol Thompson
These are all your artist winners! Congratulations!
there wil be a show review later. That's all for now.


Ina Smirnova said...

Oh, my God!!! I found my name in this list!!!! Aaaa, thank you for sooo good news!!!!

Bear hugs from Lithuania
Ina Smirnova

Darlene said...

Hi Ina,
Congratulations! That's why I published the list so someone could feel like they were there and know that they won! I'm happy for you.

Hugs and joy,Darlene