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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Disappearing Artisans

This weekend I went to a fabric and upholstery store, Freemans, that is in the final stages of closing due to the economy. It is a family owned business, one gentleman has helped designers and layman alike fir years. His knowledge in the craft of upholstery is invaluable. I have had occasion to benefit from it myself.
I'm always buying used pieces and bringing them back to life. One piece, a sofa bed, had two old very worn seat cushions that were useless. He helped me select the best foam that had proper thickness and would last for years. He cut it into one cushion form that I made an inner cover and outer cover for that worked out great.
He also helped in the selection of a foam for a five sided seat of an uncoventional chair, making allowances for the height difference from being compressed by time and use, and it fit wonderfully.
I am hopeful that things are going to get better eventually but what are we going to do about all the knowledge that is disappearing along with skill, attention to detail, and the heart for the job at hand ? I am sad at this loss.

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Lisa said...

It is sad. I hate seeing these things happen. Too bad we cannot all try to have good not more. And everything is so disposable. Move to new house get new furniture. Yes it's fun but do you need it. What did you do with the old? I am sorry your great shop is going away. It is sad we are loosing the experience that these artisans can share/teach!
Hugs, Lisa