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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tampa Show Review 2010

Well, I am back from the Tampa show. It was a one day show but some artist had dinner on Friday. Saturday was a beautiful day and collectors kept the room lively. There was the usual slow down for people getting lunch but people showed up to the very end of the show. One couple came to Florida just for the NASCAR and the bear show and then were going right back home to the snow!
Collectors enjoyed winning bear money they could use at artists tables as it helped them reduce the cost of the bear they wanted. The show was in a good location and there was room to move around in the showroom so you could look at bears easily.
So you want to know what you missed right?!.The bears on the left at top, are Black Forest Bears made of wood shown by atist and antique collector, Carolyn Jacobsen. Jacquelyn melerski of Gilmur Rudley Bears showed the great bear with the duck, and her website is
The bears , they are knit or crochet, are by Marge Wiese of Princess Paws Designs & Creations and it was her first show. You can see more of her work at .Cathy Knapp had the most wonderful little mice dressed beautifully and she even had them set in scenes. A very good display. The mouse in the overalls is Cathy's and you can contact her at .
Martha Burch did the woodland looking bear with the wonderful little birds that were barely an inch long! Check out her website Martha's Bears at .

Wendy Collins of Collins Gift Shop brought some wonderful artists pieces, go to to see what she's up to.

And now it's time for me to get back to work on orders and get ready for the two shows in March. Oooooh is that March peeking around the corner?! Bad for me but great cause Tim Burton's Alice movie comes out on the 5th Yippee! See you at the movies.


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Lisa said...

I am not sure about Alice, but I am getting more interested! Lovely pics of the show. I cannot wait to see what Wendy puts in her shop!
Hugs, Lisa