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Friday, March 12, 2010

Show and where's spring?

The Tropical Doll Club's doll and bear show is tomorrow in Lakeland, Fl. And I have been getting ready for it. But I took the time to actually look at my yard at some of the damage the freezes had done.

This won't be growing back. Bit there were signs the freeze actually helped some plants.

This is my husbands nectarine tree that usually blooms a teeny bit then falls off no fruit in sight. Now it's full of blooms so he may have a shot at fruit. And look at my meyer lemon tree, it does the same thing and it too is full of blooms.

Wish us luck on seeing real fruit this year and hope we all see spring soon!
I'll let you know how the show went.


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Nancy D said...

Let me know how the Lakeland show goes....I might have to try that one next year. I really enjoy the live shows but can't travel far. I hope you did well at the Tampa show. I did OK but Good Surprise...had a number of sales on etsy and artfire.