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Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Bear Show Timonium2010 review

It was a beautiful day on Saturday and people in Baltimore were happy to be able to be out and about! The show had good traffic and artists from all over,Sharon Barron, Barbara Burkr, Jackie Polette, Mary Dowd, Jacquelyn Melerski, Donna Nielsen among others.
This Red Rose is by Cindy Malchoff of

'Dumphreys' made by Nancy L McCurdy of Moser Lee Bears sold right after getting his picture taken!

Linda Noreika of Thread Bear showed 'Georgie' a grand looking bear, contact her at

Ginger Brame of thepieceparade had Tobias sitting quietly

The piece parade quiet?!

My duck didn't last long!
Hope you had a beary good weekend! I need some rest.

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