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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day 2010

I hope it is a good Father's day for all. My dad died years ago and for some reason today I realized I had never heard my father sing. There are still things I will never know that made my dad who he was. You're still on my mind Daddy, Happy Father's Day.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Heartland Museum in Clarion

Thought you'd like to see some more photos from the museum.

Old bear books

Realistic bear

By artist Jody Battaglia

Big group of bears

Puzzle boxes

Hope you enjoyed your visit. That's not everything of course, just the bear related things.
See you later

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Teddy Reunion2010 Con't.

My spectacular piece

Workshop on faces with artists panel Pam Kisner , Penny French, Donna Nielsen, Loris hancock and not seen Tracy Lee.

Me with my auction piece.

Part of the parade on Saturday.

Doing the hokey pokey in the park!

New artist Beth Hutchinson's work. It was her very first show. You'll be seeing more from her!

From my table set- up at show. It was great fun. Clarion residents housed us, fed us and took good care of us. We thank you for such warm hospitality. It was a wonderful show.

Teddy Bear Reunion 2010 Review

Where to start? We drove three and a half hours from Minneapolis to Clarion in time for the dinner meal and to get a peek at the Heartland Museum.

This is my piece in the museum.

This one is by Sharron Barron
Miss Ruthie in town makes the most wonderful rolls and our host family had these for us in the morning.

The spectacular display was wondrful.

This was by Australian artist Loris Hancock. More in next post

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We're Almost Ready!

Down to a few last details, nothing like taking it to the last available minutes! But more photos:

Dressed for the trip


Elephants, elephants

And now back to finish up. There are bears, really. But I've got to finish and sleep.
Next blogs from the road.

Iowa bound

The Teddy Bear Reunion in the Heartland starts tomorrow, a show held every five years in the town of Clarion.
Collectors and artists from all over the world will be attending. It is great fun and I'm looking forward to participating again.
So I said you would see what I've been up to:

Not a bear, yep it's a cow! All hand colored by me.

A face an artist could love. Hehe

And you have no idea how hard it wad to make udders not be obscene! This will be used in my workshop on Designing Movement into Your Pieces. Wish me luck.
Hope to post more photos before I go and will do a review later of the show. Back to work:)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's June?! Really?

I didn't craw under a rock, honest. My daughter came to visit for a few days and I've been working. No really, even though you haven't seen the photos yet. The Iowa show is this week and I'm frantically finishing up pieces. I had been making pieces for the show but the spectacular display piece well, that takes more time. Wish you were going cause some artists have made some great things for that exhibit.
I'm also doing a workshop, so busy busy. But I want to welcome all my new followers and thank all my old ones for hanging in there with me. There will be a post later today with photos.

So it's June. Do you think July will sneak upon me too? HeHe