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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Heading to Binghamton

Well I've been in New York for two days and head to Binghamton for the TBAI show that starts tomorrow.
My costume is ready, oh you didn't know? The theme is children's classics and the shows going to be a Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party. I'm going to be the Duchess Hehe. Want to see a jewelry piece made for the show?

The Cheshire Cat and there is also Alice and the Mad hatter.

Here's some of the many bicyclists that have been seen riding through the streets caught in unexpected rain shower

Ok so they hard to see, hehe. Got to go, will keep you posted on the show.


The Bear's Blog said...

Dear Darlene,

Have a wonderful time, and we wish you success with the show. Have fun.

Prudence & Sissy
(Mom too, of course)

Heather said...

Oh, good luck at the show! I love the Chesire Cat!!