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Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's love bug season

Those connected little bugs came in the house with me.

No close up needed. Just let me say that they are everywhere. At the stop light you can hardly see out the window. Getting in and out of the car you need netting.
Their only purpose is to make more of themselves if you know what I mean. They are attached to the color white big time. Guess what color my car is.
The weather gets better and we get love bugs. Ugh , where did I put my beekeepers hat?!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Teddy Bears of Witney

The new 2011 catalog for the English bear shop, Teddy Bears of Witney, is out! Oh, why is that important, you mean besides the wonderful bears in it? I'm fortunate enough to have two of my pieces in it.

Gramble the bear and Edmund the elephant. LE of 10 each.

Contact the shop and get a catalog or a new bear!

Monday, September 13, 2010

So how was Chantilly 2010?

Saturday artists were arriving at the hotel and some of went shopping as others shopped as they drove.
We went to the reception ( see post below) hosted by Teddy Bears And Friends and had a good time.
Set up for the show came early and was that rain? Ah it turned out okay and for a first show look at all those people!

This is Apple Betty one of my new bears who attended the show.

Artist Penny French had an early Santa at the show. Her santas don't last on the table very long.

Michelle Lamb had this wonderful lion at her table.

There was a great variety in the artists, the collectors shopped then ate then shopped again.

I will be back next year, maybe I'll see you there? If you are an artist get your application in early. If you are a collector save your money cause who knows what wonderful things you'll be seeing next year!

TOBY Winners

Saturday night was the 2010 TOBY Publics Choice Awards Reception and some of the winners were in Chantilly.

Michelle Lamb won for Jojo, miniature artist bear.

Ron and Kristy Northman won for Pfeifer The Patriot, small artist bear, dressed.

Karen Lyons won for Thomas' Big Present, artist set or vignette and for The Stray, large artist "friends ", which also won Best in show!

Other winners were
Linda Joan Chiasson, Cassey-small artist bear undressed
Lori Simon, Peter-large artist bear dressed
Karin De Lorenzo,Knutely-large bear undressed
Silvia Gilles,Gina-small artist friends
Kelly Graham,phinneus-artist creation nontraditional materials

Cogratulations artists job well done!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Where Have I Been?!

Can't believe how long it's been since my last post! I'm catching a plane in a few hours and still haven't packed all the bears. I got home from the TBAI show and got to work on new things for the Chantilly show that will be held on Sunday at the Dulles Expo in Virginia. And All i have been doing is trying to make bears. Haven't even cleaned up the excelsior from the last batch of bears.

My yard is a wreck, things need pruning and have got to do laundry! But hubby's pineapples are doing so well he's handing them out to neighbors and co-workers alike. They're all happy. I celebrated another birthday and labor day came and went. It's time to stop and smell the roses, hmmm or is that the laundry? That woman you'll see sprawled out on her couch come Monday that will be me.. in the meantime I better go get packed. Enjoy your weekend and I'll let you know how the show goes.``