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Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's love bug season

Those connected little bugs came in the house with me.

No close up needed. Just let me say that they are everywhere. At the stop light you can hardly see out the window. Getting in and out of the car you need netting.
Their only purpose is to make more of themselves if you know what I mean. They are attached to the color white big time. Guess what color my car is.
The weather gets better and we get love bugs. Ugh , where did I put my beekeepers hat?!


The Bear's Blog said...


Oh no, you have love bugs too. Aren't they awful? We hardly had any this September (they must all be up your way).

On your car grill spray PAM, and if you can use car polish on the front and hood that really cleans them off nicely, and won't destroy the paint. They are attracted to gasoline - at gas stations.


Nancy D said...

They are worse than I have ever seen them before. I got home from shopping and stopped to take a photo on the one pair that was on my windshield. When I looked up they were swarming my car. They are just yucky!

Darlene said...

Thank for the tip Joyce! They really are worse this year Nancy.