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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who Knew?

Went to physical therapy again today. Found out why I cannot do dancers pose in yoga and a couple other things and because it could affect all you other bear artists who sit all the time, I thought I would share. Seems my thighs are really really really tight because i sit so long once i start working. This shortens the muscles and tightens them which is not a good thing. So every hour stand and lift your leg from the knee toward your behind, then switch and do the same with the other leg.
This could say you a lot of pain and unnecessary injury. Live and learn. Therapy continues tomorrow and I am getting better. Not bad first week.
The more I try to take care of myself the less I seem to get done. But we know that won't stop me. He He. Oh and by the way, somehow my left leg was shorter than my right by an inch! I cracked up laughing when they told me. Laughed even harder when she said they would have to pull it to lengthen it. And that is just what they did! I love my life., goofy as it gets.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

37th Annual Winter Park Autumn Art Festival

Went to the art festival this morning with my hubby. Yes, still walking slow, but walking. It was worth it. The autumn show is all Florida artists.

We went early so it wasn't too crowded and the weather was wonderful.

Gabriel Puyana of J.G. Puyana Designs had some fascinating work. He calls it utopian glass architecture. He can be reached at 407 671-4433.

Patrick Pierson's work is full of joy and mystery. You can see more of his work at his gallery, Fyshwerks Studio Gallery.

Did I get anything? You bet! I got a print of this...

It's by Larry Humphrey. His email is LHUMPH@ATLANTIC.NET
It was taken in Chios, Greece. Wish you could have seen his other photography. Just beautiful.

Find a art festival and find your next great piece of art!

Friday, October 8, 2010

0w That Hurt!

A week ago I had the misfortune to injure my right hip, while I think something was dislocated and slipped back into place on Monday, my doctor says it's my back. She ran me through a battery of tests and when I had finished my ultrasounds, she talked to me and said 'if your pain gets worse or you turn blue, go to the emergency room or come see me!'. Turn Blue?!

let's see , um excuse me why are you here? Well see, normally I'm not this blue color! Anyway, I am feeling better. Went to yoga, couldn't do everything but did what I could. And after barely being able to walk, lay down or sit, that was fine for me.

And now next week I get to start physical therapy. Joy:)

Pictures of new pieces shortly.