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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who Knew?

Went to physical therapy again today. Found out why I cannot do dancers pose in yoga and a couple other things and because it could affect all you other bear artists who sit all the time, I thought I would share. Seems my thighs are really really really tight because i sit so long once i start working. This shortens the muscles and tightens them which is not a good thing. So every hour stand and lift your leg from the knee toward your behind, then switch and do the same with the other leg.
This could say you a lot of pain and unnecessary injury. Live and learn. Therapy continues tomorrow and I am getting better. Not bad first week.
The more I try to take care of myself the less I seem to get done. But we know that won't stop me. He He. Oh and by the way, somehow my left leg was shorter than my right by an inch! I cracked up laughing when they told me. Laughed even harder when she said they would have to pull it to lengthen it. And that is just what they did! I love my life., goofy as it gets.

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