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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

This is the retired crow insignia given to my husband when he made chief in the navy.

It hangs on our wall along with some other awards if his service. The military made him a better person, a better teacher and a great man of service to all. He calls men young and old sir in passing. He helps women in distress, he's often been late because he stopped to change the tire of a woman stranded alone. He treats children with respect. And I am fortunate that after 23 years of service he retired unharmed. That's been years ago.
Today my thoughts are withtjose who served just as admirably as he yet didn't return home or were injured.
Thank you all, may you have peace and forever feel all our love and respect.
I will always remember.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Philadelphia Doll&Bear Show part2

Thought you'd like to see some more pictures from the show! Better late than never, hehe.

My piece, Travel Companions, for the artists judging.

Bev Whites table.

Art of Reina Mia Brill, knitted wire sculpture. Check it out at www.

Joanne Livingstons table of Desertmountainbear.

This is by Mary Esther Ward at

And this was by Cindy McGuire.

It was a wonderful show. Sorry there wasn't time for me to get to more artists tables and get pictures. I was still recovering after all.
Hope they do it again next year. Hope you get to attend!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Philadelphia Doll &Bear Show Review2011

This is the sign that welcomed all the conventioneers to the show. The Alice chess pieces are on display at the Sue Quinlan doll and bear museum. They were made by me. Had to get the picture, hehe!
The viewing for artists signature pieces was wonderful.

This piece by Lori Simon, Friends , was a winner in judging.

Another winner, this is The Collector by artist Karen O'Brien.

Doll artist, Diane Keeler was another winner with Queen Alice.
Other fun pieces are:

This is by England artist Katherine Hallam.

La Journey De la Photo is by artist Francisco Carreno Stewart, who hasn't done a show in a while.

This is Lyric by artist, Mary Esther Ward.

And Sweet Pea is by artist Pat Murphy.
So this is just part of the morning events. Afterward there were wonderful seminars to attend. And on Saturday there was the show. So this review is in two parts! It was just too big to do in one!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Doll & Teddy Bear Artist & Collector Convention

The Philly show as it's being called begins Thursday May 12th and runs to May 14th.

Saturday will be open to the public from 10 - 2pm. Conventioneers will be able to attend seminars by leading artists in the bear and doll industries.
Ted Menten will be in attendance. Beverly Port and Helen Bullard, leaders in bear and doll world respectively will be honored for being pioneers in their fields.
Artists have been blogging and posting on facebook sneak photos of some wonderful pieces that they will have at the show. There is a lot of buzz about this show. People are excited to attend.
Here is my sneak peek:

Garden Fairy Queen, my auction piece.
Hope you get to attend.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

The best gift you can give a mother is to see her and realize that this is a person not just a mom. Most moms would do anything they could for their children and ask little in return. They appreciate respect, kindness and acknowledgement. So hug a mom even if she isn't yours, especially if her kids aren't around, so she will know someone sees her. Happy Mothers day to all moms here and gone...we love you, we thank you.

From the bears and me:0)