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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

This is the retired crow insignia given to my husband when he made chief in the navy.

It hangs on our wall along with some other awards if his service. The military made him a better person, a better teacher and a great man of service to all. He calls men young and old sir in passing. He helps women in distress, he's often been late because he stopped to change the tire of a woman stranded alone. He treats children with respect. And I am fortunate that after 23 years of service he retired unharmed. That's been years ago.
Today my thoughts are withtjose who served just as admirably as he yet didn't return home or were injured.
Thank you all, may you have peace and forever feel all our love and respect.
I will always remember.


The Bear's Blog said...

Happy Memorial Day


Lisa said...

Thank you to you and your husband for his service! We are a great country because of it!
Hugs, Lisa

Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

Thank your husband for all of us!


vladsbtch said...

Give him a big hug from me.

Darlene said...

hello all,
Thank you for your kind comments.Keith says thank you!

hugs and joy, Darlene