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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Philadelphia Doll &Bear Show Review2011

This is the sign that welcomed all the conventioneers to the show. The Alice chess pieces are on display at the Sue Quinlan doll and bear museum. They were made by me. Had to get the picture, hehe!
The viewing for artists signature pieces was wonderful.

This piece by Lori Simon, Friends , was a winner in judging.

Another winner, this is The Collector by artist Karen O'Brien.

Doll artist, Diane Keeler was another winner with Queen Alice.
Other fun pieces are:

This is by England artist Katherine Hallam.

La Journey De la Photo is by artist Francisco Carreno Stewart, who hasn't done a show in a while.

This is Lyric by artist, Mary Esther Ward.

And Sweet Pea is by artist Pat Murphy.
So this is just part of the morning events. Afterward there were wonderful seminars to attend. And on Saturday there was the show. So this review is in two parts! It was just too big to do in one!

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