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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

IDEX 2012 Preview

Haven't been home but for a few days and been working hard finishing pieces for IDEX. Set up is tomorrow. Thought you might like a sneak peek at one of the pieces for the show.

This is one half of the Little Reds Costume Party.
There is also a new addition to my LeCirque series, Bowser, a circus bulldog.

The show is open to retailers on Friday and to collectors and retailers on Saturday and Sunday at the Renaissance Hotel at Sea World.
Maybe I will see you there!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Crossroads Show, TOBY Awards and Other Things

The Crossroads  show in San Diego was a good start to the new year. Featuring bear and doll artists it drew a good crowd of collectors.

Bear artists John Port, Dennis Shaw, Joanne Woessner, Steve Schutt, Penny French, Sharon Barron,Nancy Dane,Lori Simon, Art Rogers were among those in attendance.

The TOBY Industry Award winners were anounced on Saturday night at a wonderful dinner reception. Winners who were in attendance were:
Martha Burch
Robert Formon
Laura Sanchez and Steve Schutt
Ron and Kristy Northman
Donna Nielsen
Cindy Malchoff
Darlene Allen

Some of the other winners were:
Brenda Power
Karen Alderson
Jutta Michaels
Katherine Hallam
Lisa Melser
Wendy Walter
Cheryl Hutchinson
Wanda Carson
Michelle Sheraphim
Michelle Lamb
Joanne Livingston
Bev White
Sue VanNattan
Britta Helberg
Charlene Draeger
Margaret brine
Jobine Covington
Heike Bucher
Mai Sai cortan
Byushwa ahn
Shelly Allison
Olga tumcressly
Peggy Haus

Please forgive any misspellings. Iwas writing fast. Not included are maufactering winners.

The 2012 inspiration Award winner was Linda Mullins.
Please join the fun next year where you can find out who wins first!