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Friday, February 10, 2012

IDEX Review 2012

Well it's the Monday after IDEX and time to let yo see some of the sights!

This my Ooak, Little Reds Costume Party, based on an old Victorian children's book.

Must have been a theme! This is Beware by Nancy Latham of Wistful Children.

This is See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil from Friedericy Dolls. And this was just one of the wonderful pieces.

Bells and Beaux showed several different collections like this one on Seminole Indian Dolls And Clothing,

The artwork is amazing. They also had a Halloween and Santa presentation.

Some of the bear artist at the show:

Irene Heckel

Bev White, two time TOBY 2012 Industry Choice Winner.

Good Bears of the World's Terry Strong was there with this years ambassador , Walter, made by Bev White.

Felicia Hymer of Bear Scouts also brought an array of artist bears.

If you weren't there you were not the first to see some of the finest new work artists were presenting this year. You also weren't the first to hear of the merging of the bear and doll magazines. Now there is only Teddy Bear and Friends , and Dolls. Please attend the shows when you can and support your artist. Please subscribe to and advertise in our magazine. This is our forum Let's support it.

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