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Monday, April 23, 2012

Show Previews

I have three shows coming up starting this Thursday with the Animal Artists Show at Rennigers extravaganza in Pennsylvania.

I will have my new cone puppets, these ate a couple of the bulldog ones. There are other animals making an appearance in the series.

This monkey will be at one of the shows.
The Rennigers Show will be Thursday through Saturday. If you can, come see me, there will be four of us showing there.
I will also be at the Quinlan Doll and Bear show May 3-5.

Won't tell who this is but look for this one when you come to the show. Hehe.
My bears will also be at the Maitland show May 5th, my husband will be showing them for me. Can't be in two places at once! Looking forward to seeing you soon:)

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