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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

On this memorial day may God bless those that gave their lives in service of this country, and their family and friends whose hearts they live in forever. And may God bless us whenever we remember each time we speak our minds, vote, or use trial by jury instead of a firing squad that the loss of somebody's loved one made it possible. We remember you, we thank you.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Review Artist Doll &Bear Part Two

So there were so many artists and so little time but I got to see most of them, if you come next year wear comfortable shoes and expandable clothes cause the food was great!
Ok back to artists works.

A look at my new cone puppets.

Little Bo Peep

Cool elephant

Kevin Buntin with one of his pieces that sold.

2012 winners of Helen Bullard Doll Artist Award, Stephanie Blythe and Mark Dennis for collector award and Mark Dennis and Diane Keeler for Artist award. Congratulations !

2012 Winners of Beverly Port Teddy Bear Artist Awards are Francisco Carreno, Tami Eveslage, Katherine Hallam and Deb Caham. Congratulations!

2012 Beverly Port Teddy Bear Collector Award went to Tami Eveslage and Sharon Barron. Congratulation!

The bears and I will see you at the next show! Thanks for stopping by!

Review of Artist Doll &Bear Convention 2012 2012

The convention held by the Susan Quinlan Doll Bear Museum started off with classes offered by artists such as Floyd Bell, Michelle Lamb, Ankie Daanen and Armella Dana.
The Artist Signature Piece showing was enjoyable.

This was my piece, it sold.

This Indian was by Mary Esther Ward.

This is by Deb Canham.

This pirate girl is by Katherine Hallam.

New direction for Francisco Carreno.

This is by Sandra Wright Justiss.

Martha Burch giving seminar on the well costumed and accessorized bear.
Then after seminars and mini classes, it was time to set up for the show. And there was beautiful work all over the place!

Nancy Wiley table display of the Red Riding Hood characters she made for her new book.

This photo and the one below are from the same great artist ( sorry I lost her info, please contact me so I can include it) her work is just wonderful.

Love it!
Ok more pictures in part two!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Estate Sale Finds

I went to the estate sale of a doll and antique dealer and collector I knew and thought you would like to see some of the 25 books from the early 1910- 1940 (abouts) that I was fortunate enough to buy.

Like this one , the covers were great.

This one has three or four stories in it with great illustrations , they include:


How cool is that?!

Neat piggies book.

First edition Adventures of Brownies book.

And this one is part of the P.F. Volland Company that published the Sunny Book Series; that includes Johnny Gruelles ( of Raggedy Ann & Andy fame), Little Sunny Stories and The Little Brown Bear!

Just a small sample of the books and I hope you enjoyed seeing them. They will be good inspiration for new character to come:)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Renningers Finds

While I did the Show at Renningers I got to shop the extravaganza. Yippee! So thought you would like to see some things.

This is a toy Pullman car

This is the other side which would be the view from inside the car. Too bad I couldn't afford to buy it. But a great piece.

This is a primitive doll bed in great patina.

All I had to do was cut a mat board base to hold the hand sewn mattress and pillow that I made for it. There was a slight repair, glued a crack in the headboard and it was great. Someone already tried to buy it off me!

Some of the pins I found. Those ate Pep pins upper left and below is a save the animals pin.

Antique dresses and star fabric. Look for these on a bear soon:)

And this is a piece of wonderful old trim waiting for a new life!
Well just some of the great things to be found. Visit Renningers if you get the chance, in Pennsylvania or Florida. You might find old blocks from the 1800's like I did ... Oh didn't you see those? Hehe

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review of Renningers Animal Artist show

The Animal Artist Show at Renningers in Kutztown, PA featured, Bev White, Colin Richmond, Felicia Hymer and me, Darlene Allen.
We were given the White Room in the antiques building that also has the wonderful farmers market. If you want great food ok go there if you don't want to gain weight... Diet first, hehe! So many temptations!

The first piece of mine to sell was this elephant.

He is sitting here but stands on all fours.

This is Colin of Colin's Creatures working on his sheep. He also brought a pair of wonderful bulls besides the llamas and other animals.

This is one of Bev Whites larger pieces that she is known for. Bev also gave a bear making class that Saturday.

Felicia Hymer, the Bear Scout, brought a great variety of her artists work.

Great bird! And what about these needle felted owls!

Very cool , wish you could see the feet.
Our host was Dexter Renninger and he made us feel at home. There were fresh flowers all around and we got to use some of the antiques for our display. The extravaganza for April was also going on so I picked up some great finds. You'll have to wait to see. Hehe