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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Estate Sale Finds

I went to the estate sale of a doll and antique dealer and collector I knew and thought you would like to see some of the 25 books from the early 1910- 1940 (abouts) that I was fortunate enough to buy.

Like this one , the covers were great.

This one has three or four stories in it with great illustrations , they include:


How cool is that?!

Neat piggies book.

First edition Adventures of Brownies book.

And this one is part of the P.F. Volland Company that published the Sunny Book Series; that includes Johnny Gruelles ( of Raggedy Ann & Andy fame), Little Sunny Stories and The Little Brown Bear!

Just a small sample of the books and I hope you enjoyed seeing them. They will be good inspiration for new character to come:)

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